Fabien Ambrose

Dead. Human Paladin of Pelor.


Level 3 Human Paladin of Pelor. Spec’d to mounted combat.


Fabien was raised in a small town called Bachton. When the vampire Rudolph Edmund began his attacks, Bachton was the first to be attacked, and the first to fall. Fabien managed to escape with his life, and standing in the heat of the flames of his hometown, hearing the screams of the people he loved, he recieved his calling from Pelor: To destroy the vampire and avenge his family. Fabien had a strong connection with Pelor, and claimed to be able to simply “sense” where he should go to hunt Rudolph. He was killed by Rudolph outside of Dracston after leaving the party to chase the vampire. Eli gave him a hero’s burial, and buried him with his lance.

Fabien Ambrose

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