Rudolph Edmund

Dead. Hero of legend turned vampire.


Rudolph Edmund lived over two hundred years ago. His biggest accomplishment in his life was the founding of Benediction. When he arrived there, it was a lawless town fraught with murderers, thieves, and rapists. Rudolph, appalled by what he saw, began a conquest against crime in the town. Rudolph established Pelor’s law as the law of the land, and enforced it with an iron fist. Between physical enforcement of the law and preaching about the teachings of Pelor, Rudolph was eventually able to cleanse the town. In time, it became a bastion of goodness, and a holy place. Content that his mission had been accomplished, Rudolph gaved the town a new name: Benediction.

Governing simply did not suit Rudolph, though, so he appointed another to be governer of Benediction, and set off to do Pelor’s work elsewhere. He kept a home in Benediction, and he stayed there in his downtime. When word began reaching Benediction of an incredibly powerful vampire wreaking havoc to the south, Rudolph gathered a small contingency of men and set off to destroy it. He never returned. It was prophesied that some day, when the light of Pelor was again needed in the world, Rudolph would be reincarnated at the altar of the church in Benediction. Eli is that reincarnation.

Centuries after his death, the undead Rudolph began a terror campaign across the face of the kingdom, laying siege to several towns before he was finally stopped and killed by the party. The corruption of the vampire, as well as whatever dark forces it was consorting with, have corrupted Rudolph’s sword, Heloric. With time, though, it should return to its full strength.

Rudolph Edmund

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